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The Internet environment is constantly changing. And the main driver of its transformations is the youth, which first catches the trends and starts to use them in their daily lives. According to a joint study by Google and Ipsos, 65% of Russians use the Internet daily, but if it is a young generation, then this figure grows to 98%. We talk about the habits and behavior of users aged 13 to 24 years on the Internet.

For the Users

Users from 13 to 24 years old are the first digital generation, whose maturing is inseparable from technology. In their habits, values ​​and behavior online they are fundamentally different from the millenials. And most importantly, they spend much more time on the web than users of 25-34 years old. In particular, in social networks, watching videos and online games. Then there are the new options for the best online cinema options like the mazza cinema which is perfect in every sense.

  • Life online dictates its rules. Users of the new generation are accustomed to unlimited access to information from any device and in any situation. Therefore, their constant companion is a smartphone. And if you want to enter into the credibility of this audience – be mobile.
  • In addition, young users are always in touch. The main communication channel for them is social networks, among which one of the most popular is YouTube. 27% of Russians 13-24 spend on social networks more than 5 hours a day, and a quarter of them check for updates every 30 minutes. It is interesting that users between 18 and 24 years spend on average more time on social networks, but it is teenagers (69%) who feel the need to immediately respond to all updates and new messages. It is important for them not to miss the moment and be in constant social interaction. And to express feelings and emotions 61% of them use a special language – stickers, video, gif and emoji.

In general, the younger generation is not limited to checking the updates of the tape, but is actively involved in everything that happens. For example, adolescents are more active than others, and comment on the posts of their friends, post their own videos, and comment on the publications of opinion leaders and bloggers.

User Characteristics

Another important characteristic of users of the new generation: they are visuals. Online video becomes for them the main source of not only entertainment, but also quick answers to questions. So, a quarter of users aged 13 to 24 years use YouTube to find relevant answers that arise in different situations. Given this fact in their campaigns, advertisers can come to the rescue at key moments where information is sought by their audience.

As for the interests of representatives of the new generation on YouTube, they vary according to age. If teenagers prefer entertainment content, then as they mature, users begin to look more at hands-on videos, for example, dedicated to gaining new skills or reviewing products and brands.

Better Corporate Catering Options That You Can Make Use of

Corporate catering has grown over the past few years in several directions, so we currently have plenty of dining options both in the restaurant and at home, at work or at an event. We will deal with the second variant, namely what we call generic “catering” and “home delivery”.

Businesses of this type have thrived due to the more dynamic way of life of the client, but also to investors’ desire to find new market niches. It can be said that they are relatively small investments and immediate results, especially when they benefit from a professional marketing.

A bit of theory

Units that prepare food at their own premises and can serve both in their own restaurant and outside catering.

This category includes restaurants that prepare and serve pizzas, those with specific (Chinese, Indian, etc.) or fast food (serving and outdoors or for drivers). The cooking unit (kitchen) is sized according to the number of places at the tables, the number of menus, the menu structure, the degree of classification, etc., and the equipment is more complex to handle both the preparation of fixed menus, as well as “a la carte” dishes or barbecue, for serving and washing dishes. At the famous singapore corporate catering services you will find this item.

Units that prepare food at their own premises and distribute only on a catering basis (outside the unit), and do not have their own restaurant

This category includes specialized units for preparing larger quantities, and can be distributed to canteens (hospitals, factories, schools, kindergartens, offices, etc.) or directly to individuals at home. The equipment is simpler in terms of the variety of equipment required, but their capacity or number is bigger in order to meet the requirements: fast preparation in large quantities and prompt distribution, especially if serving the meal at the customer is at a fixed time.

  1. Storage area

Refrigerators and freezers capable of maintaining storage temperatures are required for an intensive closing and opening of the door. This is possible thanks to ventilated cooling systems with wall insulation of more than 80 mm, thanks to rapid hot air defrosting systems. These requirements are not necessarily required in a traditional kitchen, where the input and output flows are less intense and unscheduled.

  1. Preparation areas

This type of kitchen does not necessarily work with raw products (such as potatoes in bark, non-transported meat, etc.), but more with semi-preparations. But when there is a need for raw products (cleaning, washing, cutting), high productivity robots are used.

  1. Hot cooking area

Cooking equipment with high productivity is used: pizza tunnel furnaces, forced convection ovens (6 to 10 times faster than traditional ones), forced fired gas fryers, pressure fryers, induction hobs, woks with induction. For products requiring long cooking (or cooking in multiple stages, as in the case of complex meals), multifunctional equipment are used: convection ovens and steam (mixed), tipping pan with anti-adhesive surface and steam injection, marmite (45 minutes warm-up time), which ensures automatic cooking (with automatic cooking programs, resulting in the highest permanent quality).

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